Creative thinker, razor sharp strategies.

I am Luke Fisher. I’m a creative thinker who over the last 9 years has been exploring design thinking as a way of changing lives and solving problems.


Background and Future

Growing up I loved design - I always wanted to know how it worked, and what could be better.

Massey University recognized this and fostered my creative design thinking during my Industrial Design Hons Degree. My goal is to see usercentric design play a pivotal role in as many industries as possible

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Design Strategies

I have a proven track record of helping to employ creative thinking, emerging technologies, and razor edge strategies to solve problems in the projects I’ve worked on.

I look past what others are doing, and seek inspiration outside their current comfortable boundaries.

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Mentoring and Training

Fostering others creativity and helping them explore new ways of seeing the world. During my time at Weta, I’ve set up night upskilling classes in CAD software to ensure every member of the team felt they spoke the same language. Outside of work I have taught friends and family everything from 3D printing to CAD modeling and design thinking or how to lay tiles.

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Design Practice

I have seen design and problem solving employed in a huge array of different places, industries and with an amazing array of unique people.


“Question everything generally thought to be obvious.” 

― Dieter Rams